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Alana's Garden - Getting Better

Blog entry posted by alana, Jul 14, 2013.


As the years go by I find that the garden improves but it's never as I see it in my mind. It is full and flourishing and glorious but there are glaring mistakes I want to change. Usually it is a tall plant at the front obscuring smaller plants in the background.

Colours clash and however much I try and eradicate orange in the garden I find that my tolerance is improving and I have decided to embrace the the clashes and accept that in nature colours do clash. I am also accepting that some plants don't like to grow in my garden and I'm getting more of the ones that do.

This year I have raised more bedding plants from seed than ever. This is due to the giveaways with my weekly Garden News. This magazine has proved to be a real bargain and is full of interest and inspiration. Carol Klein I love you!!!

After the purchase of our tree seat last year a large area of ground was cleared to make room and it has been very successful. The ferns have survived and are better than ever and in the spring the bulbs were amazing.

About the Author

Passionate about gardening, always willing to learn and learning to live with orange flowers.
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