Daisees' garden 2012 version episode 2

Blog entry posted by Daisies, Jun 4, 2012.

Another view of my footpath as it abuts the pond
pond and clem 3-06-12.jpg

My badly neglected bod which is now a bog! Still, looks quite nice, specially with the new footpath!
pond 3-6-12.jpg

Don't tell the cops but I have a poppy field!
poppy field!  03-06-2012.jpg

I'm quite excited about my soft fruits as I only planted them last year. But though they fruited some, I got almost nowt cus the birds were quicker than I!
So as you can see, there is the makings of a fruit cage standing by!

These are raspberries and blackcurrants with a gooseberry bush at the end
soft fruit 3-06-12.jpg

Goosgogs on the way!
black currant  3-06-2012.jpg

This was my attempt to dress a bit for today's Jubilee but looks a bit pathetic, specially as the baskets are half dead! Still, at least I tried - no-one else did!

pathetic baskets with pathetic jubilee decs!.jpg

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Daisees isn't much of a gardener - unless you call having a garden enough!
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