Daisees' garden 2012 version!

Blog entry posted by Daisies, Jun 4, 2012.

Thought you all might like to have a gander. Nothing special, just made sumptuous by the extraordinary amount of rain we've had!

Transplanted this clematis this year after about 8 years struggling in a pot. This is it's first sprouts which look really healthy and I'm hoping for spectacular growth this summer. It's called Josephine!
Clem in stones reduced.jpg

A lovely mix of wild bluebells that were in a friend's garden. Their whole area is 'infested' with the legacy from the original heathland that was built on some 50 years ago! Everyone there digs up the bulbs and bins them! So I took some and here's the result! Fantastic!
bluebells and geum  03-06-2012.jpg

Blue flowers are aquilegia butI have no idea what the plant to the left is.
Behind is forthsythia and honeysuckle
aquilegia 2012.jpg

My new pathway - been waiting to do this for years!
forsythia and arch  3-6-12.jpg

Corner by my kitchen window - lilac, aquilegia and young self-seeded foxgloves!
kitchen corner lilac b 03-06-2012.jpg

One side of my garden with loads of thyme (white) and London Pride (pink). There is also night scented stock right hand side.
London pride corner  3-6-12.jpg
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