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Blog entry posted by Achiavetta, Jun 14, 2020.

I have many issues with my Blue Passion vine. There are many holes in the leaves. On the back side of some leaves are very small worm like insects. On other leaves are small cluster of brown "bugs with a covering on them. I have stink bombs. To top this off,, I have some blooms that actually open and are beautiful, but I have many, many buds that want to open but then they fall off. All that is left is the "cup" it was attached too. Should the "cups" be removed? I don't know how to fix these problems as there are many. Please help. Thank you. Angela

About the Author

Hello from Largo, Florida...Well I guess gardening in Florida is very different from New York State. I need to learn more about the type of plants and their care in the Florida climate.
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