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Looking forward to this move over to here it is really nice here & software seems very nice to use..

Well I usually go to bell practise on Tuesday evenings but not tonight so is at least giving me time to plan a few things..
I am also a PC & just at the moment I am really busy with work to do with that as well.. Lots of contracts are re-drawn & re-newed at this time..
I also have the Churchyard to take care of too.. It is surprising how many things there are to do there apart from summer mowing, but it is a beautiful setting & full of wildlife..
I love to read the inscriptions on the headstones as you go around... Sadly allot of the very old ones were a soft sandstone & the lettering & inscriptions have disappeared but we have a record of most of them but of course by name for all..
Some are so very sad where several children have died in quick succession.. some are really interesting as they died living abroad & the headstone tells you where & how etc & then you realise that they then had the body/remains shipped home for burial here in Blighty.. There are a couple that sound amusing.. I know they are not but language has changed over the years..
Here Lies Jobe ....... 1860 - 1902​
Died by accident..​
So sad..​
There is another one a woman who died in Savanna La Mar Jamaica.. Now I have a very dear friend who lives in Sav.. Really strange coincidence I thought so I looked into it a bit more & the sugar was the connection.. Allot of people who made money from sugar shipped to Bristol built houses in Som Wilts & Glos mainly & so that was how she got her connection to there & now I do too & it is a small village...​
Anyway I have now been asked to do a new survey with photos linked in too of course of every grave for the PC records first & foremost but then for all villagers after that.... This as I say I am finding very interesting if time consuming.. :D​
This is my patch..​
other side of Open​
closed & Memorial Garden..​
There is also another piece of ground off to the left where amongst many others is the Pauper's area I will find it & post it later..​
I think I must do this more out of love of the place than anything else as it is darned hard work.. :D​

What surprised me most was what was termed as the Paupers area in the "closed" part.. The records show so many names in such a small area over a very long time.!
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