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New Profile Posts

  1. Vince
    You only have one life - LIVE IT!
  2. Linz
    Linz OxfordNick
    Your begonias are gorgeous, where did you get them from? Sorry if I'm being cheeky :)
  3. Poly Hive
    Poly Hive ARMANDII
    Fair enough though two points. One is my site is non commercial, and indeed no advertising as it is for information only, and the 2nd is a FAQ might be a plan as I was unable to check on the site rules. :)
  4. Gwen austin
    Gwen austin Mr Grinch
    Happy birthday with many happy returns
    1. Mr Grinch likes this.
  5. Lucy.P
    hello, can you change my name from lucp to Lucy, please?
  6. liliana
    liliana kyleleonard
    Do not forget to send me your address, so that I can post on the Seed Swap after I have picked out what I would like. Thanks.
  7. gryphon
    gryphon ARMANDII

    Is there anyway of changing your user name.
  8. Jazmine
    is a happy nana!
  9. trogre
    I am Not The Boss
  10. Banana Man
    Banana Man
    You're growing on me ...
  11. Rj Brambling
    Rj Brambling Aesculus
    Hi. Please can you remove me from your lists and delete my account and details, thanks x
  12. Marley Farley
    Marley Farley rosietutu
    Hi Rosie, no he hasn't been around for years.. There were some things that didn't suit him in the end on GC and he went elsewhere it seems.. Forum life it seems..
  13. Markymark
    Could this be summer?
  14. SarahT
    SarahT clueless1
    Hi, I'm trying to find the photo's of your lovely willow den. Could you possibly point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  15. rosietutu
    rosietutu ARMANDII
    I put a lot of Lovage in my salad.