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New Profile Posts

  1. karaman
    karaman Fat Controller
    hallo, i want to post stuff about fruit trees but cant workout which forum to post them under. please advise. appreciated, karaman
  2. Marley Farley
    Marley Farley roders
    Ha ha Thanks for the compliment but yes a tad older.! :) I hope you are ready for winter, it has been lovely agreed and have lost some plants too.. Lovely theme I will post it up later.. Thanks.
  3. Mike Allen
    Mike Allen wiseowl
    So sorry to hear your health is playing up. I wish you a speedy recovery. Just had a look at your website. I could have sworn that bee was on a wallflower!
    Get well soon. Best wishes. Mike.
    1. wiseowl
      Thanks Mike my friend,very much appreciated
      Sep 6, 2018
  4. Gail_68
    Gail_68 wiseowl
    Good Morning Woo and I hope everything is alright with you now regarding feeling slightly better ….enjoy your day and take care. Hugs Gail X
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    2. wiseowl
      Hi Gail thank you for asking still a little poorly but I am in their fighting xxx
      Aug 16, 2018
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    3. Gail_68
      Sorry to hear it Woo and I mean that..knowing what bad health can do to you both mentally and physically...yes keep fighting mate that's all any of us can do with health issues :) xxx
      Aug 16, 2018
  5. CraigET
    CraigET Fat Controller
    Hi, I’ve seen posts about ponds before but can’t find them, could you possibly give me a link? I am working for a private estate and am looking for advice on how to dig a natural pond without lining.
  6. wiseowl
    Hi Redstar my friend my sincere apologies for not seeing this before,had a few health problems ,thank for for asking,
  7. redstar
    redstar wiseowl
    Noticed, I had not seen you about recently. hope all is well.
  8. Gail_68
    Gail_68 ARMANDII
    Armandii, just saying good night and have a nice day tomorrow if the weather is better. :)
  9. Gail_68
    Gail_68 ARMANDII
    Armandii have a lovely weekend and just saying good night :)
  10. Doghouse Riley
    Doghouse Riley
    I'm a retired superstore general manager. I'm into golf, gardening, vinyl jukeboxes, electric piano, tenor sax and film noir.
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  11. Gail_68
    Gail_68 merleworld
    H'birthday merleworld and I hope it's a nice one :) Gail
  12. Gail_68
    Gail_68 ARMANDII
    Good night mate as i'm off to kip land and thanks for a great laugh :)
  13. BeeHappy
    BeeHappy Fat Controller
    Hope 2018 is a better year for you my friend - sending healing HUGZzz across the miles to you ❣x❣
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  14. Gail_68
    Gail_68 Hannah's Rose Garden
    Happy birthday Hannah and also wishing you the best for 2018 :) Gail
  15. Gail_68
    Gail_68 Fat Controller
    Hi Fat Controller, I hope you day was pleasant...I woke to a nice gift off my hubby and the rest of the days been quiet.

    Hugzzz Gail :)
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