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  1. landimad
    Extra ration of Grog Killick
  2. Kevin Cowans
    Kevin Cowans wiseowl
    Sorry, wrong place :)
  3. WeeTam
    WeeTam Fat Controller
    Can you contact me. Thanks
  4. Sian in Belgium
    Sian in Belgium
    Still in shock, following the death of my wonderful mother-in-law...
  5. Sian in Belgium
    Sian in Belgium
    Enjoying the soft rain
  6. redstar
    redstar Fat Controller
    read the photo comp. changes. my issue is that the photo has to be take in that month of the entry. frankly I really don't have time to run about to find something. but generally I might have something I took last year that would work.
  7. Doghouse Riley
    Doghouse Riley Fat Controller
    It's taking an age to get anything posted on this forum. If I can get a connection before it's timed out. No problems on any other I use.

    Any solutions?


  8. stephenprudence
    Growing Psidium cattleianum outdoors
  9. lowrider69
  10. Purple Streaks
    Purple Streaks Fat Controller
    Hi there, is this the post for contacting you on a private message system please I'm still a little unsure how to use this site
  11. Jazmine
    Busy with life at the moment that mainly being with our grandson who we have helped look after since he was born.
  12. Vince
    Vince Fat Controller
    Got loads on my mind and loads to do but Carol assures me she has brugs on the go and more to come, she's happy for you to have some.
  13. karaman
    karaman Fat Controller
    hallo, i want to post stuff about fruit trees but cant workout which forum to post them under. please advise. appreciated, karaman
  14. Marley Farley
    Marley Farley roders
    Ha ha Thanks for the compliment but yes a tad older.! :) I hope you are ready for winter, it has been lovely agreed and have lost some plants too.. Lovely theme I will post it up later.. Thanks.
  15. CraigET
    CraigET Fat Controller
    Hi, I’ve seen posts about ponds before but can’t find them, could you possibly give me a link? I am working for a private estate and am looking for advice on how to dig a natural pond without lining.
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