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  1. Honey Bee
    Honey Bee
    Yikes - have I been absent for 9 years!!!!???
  2. Adendoll
    Adendoll Fat Controller
    Hello FC
    I’m sorry to tell you that Eddy (Armandii) has passed away. I didn't know who best to contact but wanted to let you know.
    Thanks so much for all the friendship your group extended to Eddy we all appreciated it
  3. Jenny namaste
    Jenny namaste Fat Controller
    Hallo Russ....good to see you....♡♡♡♡
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  4. blackstart
    Retired gardener
  5. Jenny namaste
    Jenny namaste Fat Controller
    Loli said a new dog in the offing? Where can I find it please?
    ♡♡♡ Jenny ♡♡♡♡♡
  6. roders
    roders Fat Controller
    Battle of Britain Air Show cancelled over coronavirus fears

    Sorry mate ,there WILL be other times.
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  7. landimad
    Extra ration of Grog Killick
  8. WeeTam
    WeeTam Fat Controller
    Can you contact me. Thanks
  9. Sian in Belgium
    Sian in Belgium
    Still in shock, following the death of my wonderful mother-in-law...
  10. Sian in Belgium
    Sian in Belgium
    Enjoying the soft rain
  11. redstar
    redstar Fat Controller
    read the photo comp. changes. my issue is that the photo has to be take in that month of the entry. frankly I really don't have time to run about to find something. but generally I might have something I took last year that would work.
  12. Doghouse Riley
    Doghouse Riley Fat Controller
    It's taking an age to get anything posted on this forum. If I can get a connection before it's timed out. No problems on any other I use.

    Any solutions?


  13. stephenprudence
    Growing Psidium cattleianum outdoors
  14. lowrider69
  15. Purple Streaks
    Purple Streaks Fat Controller
    Hi there, is this the post for contacting you on a private message system please I'm still a little unsure how to use this site
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