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Amateur Gardening Magazine
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    Amateur Gardening is Britain’s best–selling weekly gardening
    magazine. Nearly 200,000 people read Amateur Gardening every week!
    The magazine is the most influential in its field, reporting the big news stories, challenging conventional thinking, and frequently setting the agenda in the gardening world.
    We’ve lobbied the government to save allotments (AG Allotments 2000 Campaign) and flagged up the disgraceful overcrowding at the RHS Chelsea flower show, winning an extra day for visitors


    But the magazine is also a winner because we explain practical gardening techniques in easy to follow language – with clear pictures to illustrate the subjects.
    Being a weekly publication we can deal with the important gardening topics just when you need to know about them, from raising flowering plants from seed to nurturing shrubs and trees, solving pest and disease problems and growing healthy crops of fruit and vegetables.
    And we give away lots of free seeds with the magazine every year.


    We aim to inspire through lavishly illustrated features on plant families and planting combinations, readers’ gardens and the latest sensible ideas on cultivation and presentation.
    Amateur Gardening is written by enthusiasts and experts. Our staff garden both for a living and for fun, and our expert contributors are some of the wisest in the business.
    Toby Buckland, Peter Seabrook, Bob Flowerdew and Anne Swithinbank write for the magazine every week.


    Regular readers really get to know the staff of Amateur Gardening magazine. We promote a friendly and personal writing style that brings you into our gardens and into our gardening world.
    And you even get the chance to chat to members of staff who answer readers’ gardening queries for an hour every weekday lunchtime.
    Add to that sensational reader offers, the chance to win gardening goodies and subscription offers that makes our colourful magazine an incredibly attractive package, and you’ll begin to see why Amateur Gardening is the first choice for so many keen gardeners – and has been since 1884.

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