Dewstow Gardens & Grottoes

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Dewstow Gardens & Grottoes
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01291 431020
Monmouthshire Wales
NP26 5AH
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Open daily from March to mid October. Open 10am to 4.30pm (last entry).
Please check website for actual closing date and for NGS charity days.
Adults £6.50 Conc £5.50 Children 11-18 years £4.00. Children 10 and under FREE
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    Gardenvisit Editorial

    Dewstow House was built before l804, when John Proctor (d. l837) lived there. Dewstow Gardens were built after 1895 and buried after World War II. Rediscovery and large scale restoration of the gardens began in 2000. There is a labyrinth of tunnels interconnecting underground grottoes, ponds, tropical glass houses, rock garden and an alpine garden.
    Head Gardener's Comment

    Imagine discovering a lost garden with tunnels and underground grottoes buried under thousands of tonnes of soil for over 50 years. That’s what happened at Dewstow gardens. Built around 1895 the gardens were buried just after World War Two and rediscovered in 2000. The gardens contain many ponds and rills but interestingly a labyrinth of underground grottoes, tunnels and sunken ferneries. The rock gardens are made up of a mixture of real stone and faced stone using various types of Pulhamite.
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