International Hibiscus Society

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International Hibiscus Society
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    The IHS differs in that it is an internet association. Instead of monthly meetings at a fixed geographic location, we talk 24 hours per day via the IHS mail list, which is a searchable, photo capable channel of written communication. Combined with this web site, which incorporates many different possibilities for members to participate, we have an original medium that provides us new ways to enjoy hibiscus.​
    If you are simply interested in hibiscus and don't yet have any, if you have only one or two plants or hundreds, you're the kind of people we want to know. There is nothing at all intimidating about our group; in fact we are known for "Caring and Sharing". We are just a bunch of people interested in hibiscus and willing to help in any way we can, so please do give us a try.​
    The principal goal of the International Hibiscus Society is to bring together hibiscus enthusiasts from around the world. We hope to jointly develop this site to offer members unlimited access to many features: hibiscus archives, photo competitions our cyber publication Hibiscus International which is becoming a vast resource of information from around the world, etc. - in essence as many aspects as the imagination of the IHS membership wants to develop.​
    It is based on the principal of accommodating change so that it can better evolve to serve needs yet to be identified or imagined.​
    IHS is not an umbrella organization over other national associations. Quite the contrary, it should be view as a supplement to their activities, and provide their members and all hibiscus enthusiasts’ new ways to enjoy these beautiful flowers. In turn the IHS will endeavor to credit and support other such associations to the fullest.​
    Although Hibiscus rosa sinensis, tropical hibiscus, is the group of preference for most of us, we welcome those with an interest in other members of this vast and diverse family.​
    In keeping with the global scope of the IHS, our members speak many languages: Although most members communicate in English, we have an internet translations site to convert communications as needed.​
    To sign up as a member of the IHS just click the join button above and follow the Yahoo Groups instructions. We look forward to your joining so that together we can discover new ways to enjoy the wonderful world of hibiscus. Remember, there is no charge for membership - its free! And if for some reason we don’t provide what you are looking for, it’s just as easy to unsubscribe.​
    We hope you enjoy browsing though this web site. Do check back as it changes continually in that there are periodic additions to many areas, such as our cyber publication, Hibiscus International, the Hibiscus Archives, Hybridizer’s Corner, Member activities, etc. We would be interested in your comments, and should you wish to participate either as a member on our mail list or contributor to this web site, please check the subscription button above or contact the webmaster.​

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