Naturescape British Wild Flowers

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Naturescape British Wild Flowers
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01949 860592
Maple Farm
Coach Gap Lane
Langar Nottinghamshire
NG13 9HP
Opening Hours
Our Visitor Center and Nursery is open from Easter or the 1st of April - 30th September from 11am to 5.30pm daily.
The nursery is open 1st October - 30th March weekdays only - please telephone in advance
Admission to the visitor center, tea room, wildlife garden, wild flower fields, meadows, dragonfly pond, woodlands and sales area is FREE at all times.
  1. Since Naturescape was established in January 1978, we have grown into a wild flower farm extending to some 40 acres producing numerous native species of wildflowers and grasses. We offer a year round mail order service and the opportunity to visit the farm to view the plants and the many forms of wild life they attract from April through to September. [​IMG]

    our history
    It is interesting to note how attitudes to wild flower gardening have changed considerably over the last decade. Not so long ago anyone who intended growing wild flowers was regarded with deep suspicion. Nowadays it is fashionable to be growing wild flowers and even the washing powders are 'summer meadows fresh'.

    It should be emphasised here that wildlife gardening does not mean allowing your garden to become an overgrown wilderness, but is just a way of managing ones garden to provide more attraction to wildlife.

    Most people, especially gardeners, have an affinity with nature and growing wild flowers; attracting wildlife gives one the opportunity to get closer to and enjoy their natural surroundings. Quite simply the best way to attract nature is to grow native species of plants, shrubs and trees. Since Naturescape was started in 1978 we have obviously learned a great deal along the way and now feel that we are able to serve our customers more fully. Initially Naturescape began when we collected seed from a range of native species that we grew and retailed by mail order. We then moved house in 1982 and grew approximately 5 acres of various wild flowers at Whatton-in-the-Vale, Notts. In our early attempts at wild flower seed production on a larger scale, we also offered a limited range of wild flower plants. During this time we recognised just how beautiful and fascinating the various wild flowers were and decided that it would be desirable to show the public the results of our work.

    This took the form of annual Naturescape open days at Whatton-in-the-Vale commencing in July 1985, proceeds each year were divided between a conservation based charity and a medical charity. Unfortunately only one day per year was possible due to our location in the village but the event served to measure the increasing level of interest from the public. Many groups and schools arranged visits outside the open day and the question was often raised, "Why are you only open one day?" We also found that although people were interested and enthusiastic about our venture they were perhaps not surprisingly at a loss as to how to approach the subject of wild flower and wildlife gardening. The need to educate and advise people was very apparent.
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    I have used these people allot now & the quality of plants & service over the Internet is 1st class.. All the plants have been really healthy & have taken off when planted... :yahoo:
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      Happy in the Garden of W' Eden ;)
      :ThankYou: for the link @Marley Farley
      Sounds like my place of Heaven :wub2: One to add to my list of MUSTS to visit:spinning:

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