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Robinson Polytunnels
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01282 501252
Pasture Barn East
Pasture Lane
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Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
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  1. DoctorStu

    DoctorStu Apprentice Gardener

    Jul 4, 2014
    Welcome to Robinson Polytunnels, proud to be listed on Gardeners Corner.

    Robinson Polytunnels are renowned for producing commercial grade polytunnels to domestic growers and hobby gardeners. Their polytunnels incorporate design features normally only seen on the best quality commercial polytunnels.
    • Each bracket and fitting in their polytunnel kits is designed to fulfill a specific purpose, and so is designed for optimum performance - no weak links. Virtually all their brackets are galvanized (rather than zinc plated) for vastly improved resistance to corrosion.
    • The tubing used for their polytunnel (and Fruit Cage) frameworks is high tensile steel (Z35) and fully galvanized for protection against corrosion. Importantly, the wall thickness of the tube is 1.5mm which may not sound very much but it's 25% thicker than a lot of their competitors!
    • Similarly, Robinson Polytunnels have made sure the timber supplied with their polytunnel kits is perfect for its requirements. An actual section size of 89mm x 38mm provides a robust section and "eased edges" make it a pleasure to work with. Tanalith treatment to the timber makes sure the timber rails and end frames of the polytunnel will last a good long while.
    • Robinson Polytunnels offer a choice of polythene covering with their polytunnel kits, manufactured by world-renowned BPI Visqueen. All the polythenes supplied are highly thermal and anti-fogging/anti-condensate with a 5 year guarantee against ultra violet degradation. Though, experience has shown that Visqueen's polythenes are more likely to last nearer to 8 years!
    • Robinson Polytunnels manufacture and distribute all their products from the family farm in rural Lancashire and so they are able to control their overheads. This allows them to sell a top quality product at a keen price and so their customers reap the benefit.
    Visit Robinson Polytunnels to see their latest special offers and promotions.
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