Speedy Route - Optimised Route Planner for your Garden Maintenance Route!

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Speedy Route - Optimised Route Planner for your Garden Maintenance Route!
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  1. speedyroute

    speedyroute Apprentice Gardener

    Mar 16, 2014
    I'm writing to let you know about a new service that may be very useful to professional Gardeners who have varied garden maintenance routes, available at https://www.speedyroute.com

    Speedy Route is the ideal tool to organise your garden maintenance round. No more worrying about what order to visit your customers in, just enter all the garden locations as well as your depot, and let Speedy Route do the rest.

    Speedy Route optimises the locations into the best and quickest order, and even provides full driving directions for each leg of the route. This is especially useful if you have different customers to visit every day, and need to get round your gardening route quickly.

    Optimised route planners used to be expensive, slow, and beyond the reach of smaller businesses. Speedy Route rewrites the rules and makes optimised route planning available to your gardening business, all for less than £1 per day.

    Why not try out the service straight away? It's completely free for routes containing 8 or fewer locations. To calculate longer routes, simply register and purchase a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription. Speedy Route is perfect for routes of 25 or so locations, and provides lightning fast results.

    Grab an even bigger bargain! A monthly subscription to Speedy Route normally costs £16, but for a limited time special offer, buy a two month subscription for only £24. Remember, a subscription allows you to make unlimited route calculation requests while your subscription is valid.

    Optimise your daily garden maintenance route with Speedy Route!

    Find us at https://www.speedyroute.com

    Save Fuel. Save Money. Save Time.

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