The Chilli Pepper Company

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The Chilli Pepper Company
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  1. Chillies are wonderful plants. They are so varied, productive, useful and many are fantastically ornamental. We have been growing them since 1998 and are still learning and still obsessed by them. As specialist chilli seed suppliers since 1999, our website includes what we hope you will find to be a very wide range of amazing chilli seeds, from the very latest of the super-hots contending for the title of Hottest Chilli in the World to seeds for rare and beautiful chilli plants such as.., as well as all our longstanding favourite chillies. We are sure that you will find something interesting and enjoyable to grow. Please have a look at our seed pagesincluding Jays Peach Scorpion chilli.

    We started making sauce from our very first chillies, so as to try at first hand the quality and character of the fruits we were growing for seed and quickly became as enthusiastic about chilli sauce as we were for the plants. Our sauce and chutney pages feature our

    wide range of handmade products from the famous (infamous?) Ten Minute Burn sauce (banned from four chilli shows for being too hot!!) to our authentic American Heavenly Barbeque sauce and wonderfully warming chilli honeys.

    Look out for our:

    Fantastic handmade chilli fudge

    Chocolate covered chilli Kendal Mint Cake (both highly recommended treats on chocolates page

    Kiss the Devil Fire Spray (sauces page)

    Recent and hilarious review by Darth Naga of the new Peruvian Red chilli

    We are really excited by the new season crops of new chillies and have dried some of the very best using our wonderful new dehydrator so that you will be able to cook with these amazing chillies and experience at first hand their amazing depth of flavour and incredible heat. Check out our Dried Chilli Pods and Powders.

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