Reduced 75% Off Dahlia tubers, Glady corms, Lily bulbs, etc at Tesco instore

Discussion in 'Freebies, Offers & Bargains' started by Scrungee, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Scrungee

    Scrungee Well known for it

    Dec 5, 2010
    Central England on heavy clay soil
    Yellow stickered down to 25% in my local Tesco this afternoon.

    Beware! Nothing showed any sign of life apart from the smell of decay permeating through the packaging.

    The Glady corms disintegrated if squashed, the Lily bulbs were falling to pieces and the Dahlia tubers showed no signs of life other than mould growth.
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    • Mike Allen

      Mike Allen Super Gardener

      Jan 4, 2014

      This really gets me going. Imagine a friend seeing such 'bargains'. Oh I'll get some of those for my friend etc etc.

      It's some years now, when the gardening bug struck again at so many folk. Even a single fuchsia or geranium on the windowsill, brightened up the home. In time, due to redundancies etc, overnight so many men became gardeners, touring the streets with a mower and a rake. Then local shops started selling plants. I tend to class this type of selling along with lost leaders. Something to get you into the shop.
      Seriously I do think that plants especially should only be sold by nurserymen and garden centers. OK B&Q often have a wide selection. However no staff are available to care for the plants. I am sure most can see where I am going with this, so next comment please.

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