Alabama foot rot

Discussion in 'Pets Corner' started by Paladin, Dec 8, 2017.

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    Hi folks...I rejoined the forum recently and in the past I am sure I posted pic’s of my sons labrador named Max.
    Last week he lost interest in his food and developed leasions on his foot which was only brought to our attention because he continually licked it.
    Mrs Pal is a childminder and one parent is a vet who took immediate action and took initial bloods then sent Max to a unit in Winchester. It has been confirmed Max has contracted Alabama foot rot.
    It has been brought to our attention that this case is the most earliest diagnoses ever to be examined, others were done at post mortum when the classic cause of death was kidney failure . Therefore a definitive diagnosis was in doubt.
    Should Max recover it will give a massive boost to research due to the early diagnosis.
    Should your dog show similar signs do not hesitate to contact your vet.
    Fingers crossed for Max and please advise your friends with pet dogs.
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