As new Atco Balmoral super quality 17 inch mower

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Charlie996, May 31, 2015.

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    I have to many mowers and machinery and as it looks like we may be moving home soon I am putting up my absolutely top condition Atco Balmoral SK. 17 inch lawm mower.

    Its a 2009 model so has the latest Kawasaki FJ100 ,3HP engine which is an absolute peach And starts first time Every time. It has the spring rake tines which lift the grass for presentation to the 17 inch cut cylinder . So it gives that true bowling green finish.

    Mower was fully serviced and properly prepared before being stored before it was put away last autumn. During the off season I took the cylinder to Costwold mowers who sharpened the cylinder blades and the bottom blade as well. It was then set up to perfection and better than they leave the factory !

    This machine is impeccable in every way ! It would cost just over £1200 new and for this 2009 one I'm looking for £475.

    You may find cheaper but for one with Kawasaki engine and in this condition you wont find better ..

    Will post pictures if anyone is interested .

    This is a picture of a mower exactly the same.

    Thanks for looking :dbgrtmb::dbgrtmb::dbgrtmb::dbgrtmb:
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