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Discussion in 'Lawns' started by Graham B, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Graham B

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    May 19, 2018
    I've just reseeded the front lawn. I did worry that doing this in the middle of summer would be an issue if everything dried out. And then the last couple of weeks happened, and I worried that it was all going to get washed away. :) Anyway...

    I particularly wanted a low-maintenance lawn. Packets of grass seed in garden centres used to say how much mowing they'd need - I used that to decide what to buy the last time I reseeded a lawn - but now none of them do. Which is annoying and stupid, because that leaves customers without any way to decide what to buy.

    So instead I hit the internet and found these guys. Grass Seed & Lawn Seeds - UK Supplier - GSS DIRECT LTD Seed from them was much cheaper than a box from the garden centre too. And only two weeks after sowing, there's already a nice green fuzz on there, which is faster than I've had grass establish before. Of course I still can't tell how it'll look as a lawn, but that's a good start. So a recommendation there for where to get grass seed if you're re-lawning.15614178870682.jpg
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    • Marley Farley

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      Good to know @Graham B garden centre seed is always very expensive and as you say a nice green fuzz there... :thumbsup:

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