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Can chinchilla bathing sand be used in garden?

Discussion in 'Pets Corner' started by Selleri, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Selleri

    Selleri Gardener

    Mar 1, 2009
    North Tyneside
    I was just changing the bathing sand and it was half full of droppings as our Degus have slightly misunderstood "going to bathroom". ;)

    :ideaIPB: - moment... can the sand be used when repotting houseplants which like sand in the soil, or even in the soggy parts of the lawn? Or is the sand too chalky or something? Sorry, I don't know what mineral it comes from, it's just the general chinchy bathing sand.

    Has anyone tried?
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    • Gail_68

      Gail_68 Guest

      Hi @Selleri I've not got a Chincilla so i'm unable to help you regarding soil but I have a lizard who as sand and when hers is refreshed it's thrown because of the urine and motion, even though it's cleaned out daily.

      Hopefully another member can help you :)

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