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Discussion in 'Gardening Discussions' started by kriss, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. kriss

    kriss Gardener

    Jan 30, 2011
    So the Chelsea chop was mentioned on GW last night.

    Here are there plants I have that you may suggest require this chop...

    1) Salvia. I pinched this back a couple of times hence it looks nice and dense? I’m eager to let this be....

    2) Lychnis Flos. I have two of these but they look terrible!! They don’t appear to have sprung into life this season yet. They are in shaded spots! Should I chop back or wait till it starts to show new growth?

    3) Catmint. This is one of my nicest perennials. Again, it’s already been pinched back but it’s very sprawling. Chop or just stake? It’s in a shaded spot so a chop might be too tough on it!
  2. Verdun

    Verdun Passionate gardener

    Oct 16, 2012
    West Cornwall
    The Chelsea chop as such does not really apply to any of these plants Kriss:) Its usually applied to tall later flowering plants like heleniums and the taller sedums to produce sturdier plants
    However, the salvias can be pinched out if necessary but now I would leave them develop on their own.
    The catmint? Cut back simply to tidy up.....I like to make a sort of mound of each plant when doing this....they will soon knit in together
    The lychnis? You could pinch out the tips but again I would leave them now :)
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