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Discussion in 'General Gardening Discussion' started by Doghouse Riley, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Doghouse Riley

    Doghouse Riley Head Gardener

    Sep 1, 2009
    "Pleasantly unemployed."
    The Tropic of Trafford, England.
    We have two of these peanut butter bird feeders, we bought in January.

    This one, on a pergola post quite high up,


    and another on the retaining wall of the patio, so about three or four inches off the ground. The blackbirds, robins and dunnocks use the lower one and the starlings wagtails, bluetits and sparrows the one on the post.

    I bought two new jars a couple of months ago as they needed topping up, using one jar and I've just used the other jar to top them up again. So I decided to order some more, (e-bay). The supplier I bought them from doesn't have any. But I found another supplier. 3 jars for £11.40 post free.

    But now it got complicated, this time there was "original" or "fruity" (no mix and match).

    So I asked my wife, "What should I get, original or fruity?"

    The conversation went on like this (she was in the middle of dishing up dinner).

    "I don't know what do you think?"

    "It's up to you, you're the one who watches them from your chair, do you want to me to get the fruit ones?"

    "They might not like them."

    "Then I'll just get the original ones."

    "Oh I don't know, you decide, I don't care which ones you get, it makes no diference to me."

    "Right then, I'll decide."

    I turned and started to walk out of the kitchen when she said.

    "Which ones are you getting?"

    We both fell about laughing.

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    • CanadianLori

      CanadianLori Total Gardener

      Sep 20, 2015
      Sweaty Betty
      Ontario, Canada Zone 5A
      So maybe you should get six one and half a dozen of the other. .. :scratch: :loll:
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