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Discussion in 'NEW Gardeners !' started by Steph1, May 15, 2020.

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    May 14, 2020
    Hi guys, new to the forum and completely new to gardening so a bit clueless despite hours of searching online.

    I have recently moved house and have a fair sized garden (total area 170m²). This comprises of mostly grass apart from one square section (approx 12m² that had been dug up and replaced with bark as a kids play section).

    Not after anything fancy here, just a good quality lawn with no weeds! It was absolutely infested with all sorts of weeds but mostly dandelions - I dug out several hundred dandelions a fortnight agowhich was made easy with my new weed remover but it has inevitably left unsightly pot holes everywhere. I then sprayed the whole area with selective weedkiller in a pressure sprayer.

    My plan is as follows:
    -One week from now now the lawn really short
    -aerate + scarify
    - fill the small holes with topsoil and also place a thicker layer of top soil in the barren 12m² section
    -spread grass seed with spreader
    -water regularly (have purchased a garden sprayer attachment for hose) and cut grass to correct length once its growing

    Main concerns and areas I am unsure about are:

    - type and quantity of top soil I require - seems this can get very expensive

    - what to do with the soil cores after aerating and can I spread the grass seed straight after this

    -how best to prepare the soil in the bare area prior to seeding

    Any help would be hugely appreciated :)

    Can post pics if that helps

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