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Discussion in 'NEW Gardeners !' started by Craig Chesworth, May 22, 2018.

  1. Craig Chesworth

    Craig Chesworth Apprentice Gardener

    May 22, 2018
    Hi everyone.

    I am a complete novice as you’ll be able to tell after reading this.

    Recently pulled out all the weeds by hand on my front lawn, absolutely riddled with them. I’ve cut, scarified, aerated (best I could) and reseeded my lawn where the moss left a lot of bald patches aswell as trying to thicken up existing grass. I raked in a thin layer of top soil - as advised and then distributed them as even as I could not over doing it.

    I’m watering multiple times a day taking care not to flood the grass nor let it get bone dry.

    The trouble is, this is where I need help, that many or most of the seeds are just sat on top of the soil now rather than ‘in the soil’. They were only down 2 days ago so I’m thinking I need to go back round and rake up the soil or stand on the seeds to press them into the soil. If I don’t do this they probably won’t germinate just being sat on top of the soil just getting wet?
    Is this the case or should I leave it?

    Any advice would be great!

  2. Liz the pot

    Liz the pot Gardener

    Jul 1, 2015
    Seeds need good contact with the soil. The larger the seed the deeper it can be covered as a rule of thumb.
    Some seed and cover lightly, some put soil down, spread seed and then lightly rake them in.

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