Growing bamboo in tall trough

Discussion in 'Container Gardening' started by Steveb21, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Steveb21

    Steveb21 Apprentice Gardener

    Jul 30, 2019
    Good morning all,

    Fibre glass trough with dimensions of:

    900mm height
    1.2m length
    300mm depth

    The troughs are not hollow all the way through. They are approx. 350mm deep from the top with a false base.

    I was planning to plant bamboo and use as screening by some fences. Are these troughs up for the job?
    How far would roots need to go down? Clumping form.
    How tall could I let the bamboo grow in planted in this size trough? As the trough is nearly 1m in height, I was intending to group the bamboo to 2m.

    Thank you.

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