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Discussion in 'General Gardening Discussion' started by Ian0879, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Ian0879

    Ian0879 Apprentice Gardener

    Jul 14, 2015
    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for ideas for our garden to make it look more attractive/welcoming and so we would be happy to sit out in it. Main problem is we have 3 dogs so not sure what to do as I guess that they would ruin plants etc with running into them, urinating or eating. Pictures attached of current garden. Any help gratefully received.

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    • MostlyVegsSouthCotswolds

      MostlyVegsSouthCotswolds Gardener

      May 24, 2015
      something colourful would be good, even a bright white plastic patio set for instance.

      Maybe a tree or two 'd benefit you and the dogs? One of the budget supermarket chains in our area has been selling fruit trees really cheap recently
    • Anthony Rogers

      Anthony Rogers Guest

      Hi Ian,
      Welcome to Gardeners Corner :)

      If you're worried about the dogs have you thought about a few raised beds.
    • "M"

      "M" Total Gardener

      Aug 11, 2012
      The Garden of England
      :sign0016: to GC @Ian0879

      Could you be a little more specific? Do you mean for immediate impact or for the long term? (Or maybe even both?)

      For an immediate impact:-
      • I would get some seating for your decking
      • Utilise those two pots by the fence by placing one between your patio door and window, adding some trellis to the wall and planting a climber in the pot.
      • The other pot, I would leave by the fence (add trellis + climber)
      • In both pots, I would grab some annuals from the garden centres (they'll be selling them off cheaply right now) and fill the space in your pots with those.
      • At the end of next month (August) I would be scouring the supermarkets for packets of cheap Spring bulbs to put into those two pots on your decking and also in the tub in the centre of your garden.

      Join your local online Freecycle and check it often. Plants, pots, other garden equipment often pop up and you never know your luck.

      Longer term plans would need you to have a longer think about stuff such as:-
      • what type of soil do you have
      • which direction does your garden face
      • how much time do you want to spend gardening vs being in the garden
      • how much of a budget do you have
      • how long would you like it completed in
      • which style of garden you like (modern; minimalist; cottage; exotic; busy/fussy; flowers only or maybe fruit and vegetables?)
      • you already have an outhouse, will you be needing a shed/greenhouse/playhouse
      • will you want a BBQ/dining area?
      Once you can give those ideas some though, we can give you more targeted help :)

      Please post pictures of your dogs in our Pets Corner section - no pictures means they do not exist :nonofinger: :whistle: :heehee:
    • clum111

      clum111 Gardener

      Jan 10, 2011
      Cramlington, Northumberland
      Hi @Ian0879

      Don't be too concern about your dogs, as for some reason they soon learn where to do their 1 & 2 by their selves as my dog has or set aside a bit of ground and when you let them out, take them straight to that area on the lead for the first couple of times and wait until they do something & praise them. After a while, go out with them without the lead to that area and make sure they do it there. Then gradually stop going so far and tell them to go ahead. They'll soon learn where their patch is. Hope this helps.

      Garden ideas??? Start watching Gardeners' World & Love You Garden where you'll soon learn your likes & dislikes. Go to shows. Look at photos on here or on google. Talk to us on here what you have seen and someone will always give suggest how to achieve that look.

      Everyone on here are always learning, so welcome to our world:)
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      • Dips

        Dips Total Gardener

        May 10, 2014
        Paint the fences as it helps lift the garden and make it look bigger. They never look depressing on dull dreary days and they create a great back drop for plants and flowers

        Cuprinols garden shades are all non toxic and water based so are safe for pets :-)
      • merleworld

        merleworld Total Gardener

        May 30, 2011
        Nice blank canvas there :blue thumb: Wjereabouts in the country are you as a matter of interest?

        I'd have some containers on that patio to brighten it up. Stain the decking to bring it to life a bit. Dig a border out all the way around and put some nice evergreen shrubs in.

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