Isn't any peat in compost an environmental no-no?

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    Aug 19, 2014
    Had my first venture to garden centres since the relaxation of lockdown this morning. Dobbies had a big queue built up prior to opening at 9am. I therefore turned the car round and went to a local nursery.

    There were far fewer people at the nursery (fewer than half a dozen punters in the whole place), but all the compost they were selling had peat in it. Inspecting one of the bags, it said 'the peat in this product is not from sites of scientific interest' (or words to that effect). However, I thought from an environmental point of view all peat is better off in the ground rather than being dug up for compost supplies? Have I misunderstood something? Obviously, if my compost is going to have peat in, I'd rather it's peat which isn't from a site of special scientific interest, but I thought peat-free is by far the best option environmentally?

    For this and other reasons (e.g. no strimmer wire or hosepipe available at the nursery), I ended up going back to Dobbies and buying from there today - with my purchases including 3 bags of MPC and 2 tomato grow-bags, all peat-free - so now looking forward to trying sowing some of the seeds I've had sitting around in packets for a while.

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