Moving an Apple Tree

Discussion in 'Trees' started by hedgefog, Nov 19, 2018.

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    Aug 31, 2014
    hi all

    We have an apple tree about 8-9 years old. It is at the corner of the garden surrounded by other plants like connifers, box trees and ferns. It was ok when it was a young tree thin and short, but now it has grown to about 15 ft from ground. It is growing fast, and look a bit crowded in the area with other plants.

    The apple tree is not too thick, the thickest trunk is about 6-7cm across.

    It bore some small apples this year, about 15 of them.

    I am thinking of moving the apple tree to more open and clear space not so crowded around.

    Would the root not too large to dig up causing some damage? I have moved a few large plants recentlt, and the root were huge and deep. It took long time and effort to completely dig it out, and some parts of the root was damaged cut by spade and digging hoe.

    Just wondering how strong apple trees are, and are they likely survive moving ok? Anything to watch during moving the tree?
    Or would it be better where it is without moving even if a bit crowded space?

    I ask this question, because a few year ago, I moved a blackthorn tree, and it sulked for 3-4 years looked really poorly, and unhappy, that I thought it might die.

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