New Clematis damaged near base

Discussion in 'General Gardening Discussion' started by Kevin Cowans, May 16, 2020.

  1. Kevin Cowans

    Kevin Cowans Gardener

    May 12, 2018
    Hello all

    I hope you are well.

    I have finally finished putting the wire frameworks in place for the Climbers and have come across a problem.

    Admittedly, I should have put the wire frameworks in place much sooner but I have had to work around some things recently, hence some of the Climbers have been growing on the Cane and spilling over along the ground, not ideal, I know.

    When going around and tying in the Clematis to the first row of wires I have noticed some physical damage to the stems a few inches from the base.

    It looks more physical damage than it being chewed, i.e. the stems being bent.

    Am I alright in cutting these stems down low, will they regrow?

    I am learning as I go here so any advice would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance


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