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Discussion in 'Propagation This Month' started by JJ28, Aug 28, 2017.

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    I'm wanting to save runner bean seeds and also hestia seeds to sow next year. Please could someone advise if I should leave pods to dry off on the plant or take pods off now and dry pods or take seeds out to dry? - Have had much success with beans and hestias this year :-)
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    I usually pick the pods and put them somewhere dry. Shelling them can be a rainy day job :)

    Picked some Sweet pea pods this morning :spinning:

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      I reckon runner bean pods are best left on the plant [1] until they go crispy, then let them dry out further under cover, and dry out some more after removing from the pods until they are thouroughly dry before packing away.

      Some varieties are harder to save than others. I find White Lady particulary difficult to dry out and prevent going mouldy or starting splitting through their skins. Check that they're not F1 as they wont come true and start ASAP to give them time to fully develop and dry on the plants before Autumn cold and wet. I discard runt pods, only leaving decent beans to go to seed. And continue to water plants if required so the seeds/pods continue to develop properly.

      [1] Leaving beans to go to seed reduces the amount new beans forming, but you should be able to get all the seeds you need for next year (and following year perhaps) by just ceasing to pick from some plants at the end of your bean structure, whilst continuing to harvest from the remainder.

      EDIT1: Have a look at this How To Save Your Own Seed at Home
      EDIT2: If you save too many you can cook them (boiling water) and eat them, I find single colour white or 'black' seeds more appealing than mottled ones that are obviously from runner beans.
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