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    Posted with the kind permission of the admin team.

    In a couple of months' time I will be retiring from my job as full time gardener at a large private estate, I've worked there for over 10 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The owners are now in the process of looking for my replacement and have advertised the post on a jobs website.

    This is a great opportunity - it's a lovely place to work and would suit someone with a passion for gardening and outdoor work. If you're interested, or known someone who might be, it's certainly worth a look.

    The location is south Suffolk, near Hadleigh. There are several photos I posted on this thread back in 2016, which give you a flavour of the place for anyone interested:
    It's not a bad place to work...

    Here's a link to the job advert: Gardening Job

    Good luck!
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