Preparation of laying Turf

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    Laying Turf should be done in early Autumn or spring...ours was done in september and i thought i would add pictures on how ours was done :)

    Make sure the dirt is fully turned over and roots plus any rubbish totally removed and the dirt broken down looking fine and then start racking it level.

    My hubby made a wooden level to hit on to the dirt to help flatten it level

    Then Hose/water the dirt as it helps when laying the turf on top

    If you have a long plank of wood it helps to keep the turf level when laying it down and also hitting on the turf with the wooden level as it helps the turf to rest on the dirt plus helps the joining of the turf.

    Turfing finished and then the final look after watering it in the shade.

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      SUUUUUUPPPPPERRRRRRR -1.jpg Job ...looks fab @Gail_68
      and love the step by step photos really useful to anyone wanting advice on how best to lay a new lawn :love30:
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        Thanks @BeeHappy we no longer have the bruno wrecked it when he was alive kept scrapping it and that fencing i couldn't wait to remove :yes::heehee:

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