Replacement for blighted box hedge

Discussion in 'General Gardening Discussion' started by Sian in Belgium, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Sian in Belgium

    Sian in Belgium Total Gardener

    Apr 8, 2011
    Just south of Brussels
    I help look after the gardens at my church. There was a box hedge under the line of windows for the main worship area. It has succumbed to box blight - probably aggravated by being under some drought stress.
    I am wondering what we can replace the hedge with. It does not necessarily need to be as formal as a regularly cut hedge.

    One thought I have (with a glass full of rooted cuttings) is a rosemary hedge. Rosemary grows really well in this soil and climate. I have to cut back our own rosemary really hard every couple of years, and it seems to tolerate this treatment. Rosemary is a very popular herb here - I take the arm-fulls of branches to church, where they are very quickly claimed! Many people live in apartments in the capital, and love to drink rosemary tea (no idea about this)! So any hedge would supply a need!

    I have read here a number of comments that rosemary does not cope with pruning well.
    Am I just fortunate with my plants? Has anyone else grown a rosemary hedge successfully?
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    • shiney

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      Jul 3, 2006
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      Herts/Essex border. Zone 8b
      We've not planted a hedge but our Rosemary seems to take the cutting back quite easily and we have three large ones and some small, newer, ones. Two of the large are standard types which we've had for over forty years. The other is a prostrate version which is twenty years old. They get pruned fairly regularly with being used for Mrs Shiney's flower arranging (she does lots) and giving to friends for culinary use.
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      • Verdun

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        Oct 16, 2012
        West Cornwall
        Agree, Rosemary tolerates pruning back very well if not into very old wood I find :)
        The only problem, as I see it, is that as a hedge Rosemary can be often the odd plant dies out leaving a hole in the hedge??

        How about euonymus green spire as an alternative Sian? Tough as old boots and surprisingly green, upright and compact. :)

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