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Discussion in 'Edible Gardening' started by Growmore, Jan 1, 2005.

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    Dec 31, 2004
    I moved into a new property before christmas, and finally have space for a veg patch. My question is, at what time of year do I have to sow seeds for tomatoes, runner beans, peppers, cucumbers and courgettes ? And could I start them earlier if I had a greenhouse ?


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    Depending on varieties.........

    Firstly , yes, you can usually start earlier in a greenhouse. But what I have below is a very broad answer to your question.


    in heated greenhouse, sow late Dec to early january to transplant underglass late Feb to early March.

    unheated greenhouse, sow late Feb early March to transplant late April to Early May.

    Cropping time End May through to mid October.

    Outdoors, sow late March to Early April, transplant May to early June.

    Harvesting is Mid July to early October.

    Runner Beans

    Sowing time indoors is Late April to early May, transplant outdoors approx 1 month after sowing

    Sowing outdoors Mid-May to Mid-June.

    Harvesting time August through to Mid October.

    Peppers (Capsicum)

    Sowing and planting greenhouse crop, sow late Feb to early March, transplant end of April/early May.

    Outdoor crop, Sow end of March, transplant out under glass early June.

    Harvesting time August through September.


    greenhouse grown:- sow late Feb to early March for a heated grenhouse, or late April for an unheated greenhouse.

    Transplant out, late March in a heated greenhouse or late May for unheated.

    Harvesting occurs between early June and late September.

    Outdoor grown:- Sow out under glass late April, transplant out in early June (for an earlier crop)

    Sow outdoors late May/early June and Harvesting should start early August until end of September.

    Courgettes (same for Marrow, Pumpkin and Squash)

    For an early crop sow seeds under glass late April,Transplant seedlings early June when danger of frost has gone.

    Or, Sow outdoors late May/early June.

    Harvesting between Mid July to Mid October.

    I hope this answers your question fully.


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