So I bought some cacti and succulent seeds. Any tips?

Discussion in 'Tropical Gardening' started by Selleri, May 29, 2018.

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    Mar 1, 2009
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    I impulse bought a new hobby but am a bit unsure on how to get the best results from the seeds. I grow a few cacti and succulents as house plants with nice success, and have a monster of a dragon fruit grown from seeds, but otherwise it has been zillions of years since I grew them from seeds.

    Would a shallow sowing tray with holes be ok to germinate them? Or small pots? Normal compost with plenty of sand in it? Should I try to sow the seeds on their own or mix with sand first (I remember they are tiny)

    I don't really have a good place to give them a cool, bright winter holiday but my Christmas cactus seems to thrive and flower nearly through the year by a window far away from radiators so that might be the place. Has anyone tried young plants in a frost free garage by the window or similar? Or in a cold frame?

    This is what I bought :)

    Product Name Stock Code Quantity Price
    Cactus, Flowering Mixed Species 230G 1 £ 3.38
    Lithops, National Collection, Mixed Species 817B 1 £ 3.75
    Cactu s Chiltern Seeds, Quick Growing Tall Mixture 230N 1 £ 3.35
    Sub Total: 3 Items
    £ 10.48

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions!

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