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suitable trees?

Discussion in 'How To Use Xenforo' started by marley028, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. marley028

    marley028 Apprentice Gardener

    Jun 6, 2016
    northern ireland
    Hi all I'm after some advice on picking the right trees for my garden:) whilst I'm really excited (I love trees),I'm also a little worried about picking the wrong trees for the area in question.:rolleyespink:
    Firstly,the area is a corner which is south west and has dappled shade in the morning as there are trees to the west of our boundary.I have a few shrubs planted and the birds love this part of the garden.I would love it to be a little woodland type area as our living room looks out towards it,the light through the trees is beautiful and I love watching the birds.this is also a windy spot,as the south and west are completely exposed!we recently just built our home and haven't had the time yet to do anything other than put up green netting along the boundaries and we have beautiful views so we're not sure how to combat the wind without blocking these views...I think that's another post on its own :scratch:
    I was thinking along the lines of crab apple or a hardy blossom type tree simply for year round interest and benefit for wildlife but would a windy site be suitable?
    I had also thought about small leaved Lime,as I have room for a few trees? I don't want anything that will completely block out the light,if that makes sense?
    My husband would like a Korean spruce tree incorporated into this area as a little outdoor Christmas tree for the children...good or bad idea?I'm a bit dubious to be honest:dunno:
    Sorry for rambling,any advice will be greatly appreciated:spinning:

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