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    Oct 20, 2010
    My current supply deal runs out at the beginning of November so I need to find another supplier. I went with GB Energy last year and they promptly went "bust"! Coop Energy took over the accounts so our lights didn't go off:heehee:.
    We don't have gas and are fairly hefty users of electricity so it makes a sizeable difference to get a good tariff. It's probably best for us to have a cheap rate per KW but expensive daily standing charge?
    I have started to do a bit of homework on what's available and horrified at how much more expensive the rates seem to be in comparison to what we are currently on:rolleyespink:. On a comparison website the cheapest is Out Fox the Market which I have never heard of. have any of you? They seem to want my bank details before I can find out the rates they offer which I don't like so not proceeded yet.
    Anybody know of what might be a good supplier for a reasonably heavy user? Thanks.
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    As you know there are the usual comparison sites, but do look as several to get a clearer picture as its known some do not show all the deals.

    Find that the MSE site is very good at all types of financial tips and offers and has a free weekly newsletter.
    Also on their site is their own Energy Club and comparison list which does have some some useful feedback ratings on them, partic these lesser known companies.

    Its known that a lot of similar plans run out in November and like you many look to sign up to a new deal before that time as you normally have 42 days you can move out of your contract before it ends.
    However as I found out last year they tend to hold back some better new deals until the very last minute.
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