Solved UNKNOWN small shrub very orchid looking?Advice required?

Discussion in 'Identification Area' started by caskin, Oct 19, 2019.

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Good day to one and all, its been a while, but and there is always a but, over the last 18 months a few problems with the old ticker has kept me occupied in hospital, what with tests and ops.But all over for the time being, I now sport a nice new shiny triple heart pacemaker, which brings me indirectly to my post.
    I'm forced to decrease my activities, have decided to start with the garden, all pot plants are going (watering can be heavy and a chore),and only those shrubs that are practical and easily maintained are being kept. I do now have a handy man at £10 an hour, if you try to get a gardener for the same time its more like £30-£40 an hour, so my choice was based on financial logistics!!
    However my shrub, its come through frosts, snow, severe drought and now constant watering and always puts on a good show. At the moment its shallow planted, and has a spread of about 18" and height approx. the same. My wife is convinced its an shrub orchid but I'm not certain, however I would like to incorporate it in my labour saving garden)so would be grateful for any information from the forum,in its identification plus how best to care for it...thanks

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      Excellent idea to re organise your garden.
      Pots are a lot of work.
      Help is always expensive and jobbing gardeners can do more harm than good.

      No reason now you have a nice new shiny triple heart pacemaker, that you cannot go on working in your garden and getting pleasure from it for many more years.

      Your shrub looks like a Salvia..possibly Salvia dancing Dolls...or similar.

      salvia dancing dolls - Bing images

      Salvia 'Dancing Dolls' Sage Autumn sage greggii microphylla Care Plant Varieties & Pruning Advice

      No such thing as a shrub orchid.
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