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Blog entry posted by alvin, Sep 10, 2018.

So... after years of living with my parents in Hampshire with a beautiful garden I moved to London for College and University (No garden) a few years ago I moved back to Hampshire to a small flat of my own (still no garden) but last year I got married (yay!) and last month we moved into our house and finally have a garden - small and needs a lot of work but still a place to sit!

We’ve actually done quite a bit already in a month, taken away some huge paving slabs, pots and yesterday cut back all the overgrown trees and bushes, what we’re worried about is if the raised part of the garden is holding up the back wall...

Any help of advice would be really appreciated :)
Not sure if I can add pics on here but there’s a gallery on my profile / album.

Thanks for reading!

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