A1-SmileA1-Smile :)
A5-smileA5-smile :smile:
A3-snorkA3-snork :snork:
A3-snork-newA3-snork-new :snorky:
WinoWino :Wino:
Tongue OutTongue Out :rasp:
A6-biggrinA6-biggrin :biggrin:
B4-rolleyespinkB4-rolleyespink :rolleyespink:
C2-redfaceC2-redface :redface:
B3-frownB3-frown :frown:
A2-CoolA2-Cool :cool: 8-)
C3-muteC3-mute :mute:
B8-sadB8-sad :sad:
C1-madC1-mad :mad:
A9-scratchA9-scratch :scratch:
A8-dohA8-doh :doh:
B1-scifD36B1-scifD36 :th scifD36:
J4-snoozeJ4-snooze :snooze:
B7-chickenB7-chicken :chicken:
B5-SUNsmileB5-SUNsmile :SUNsmile:
J5-spinningJ5-spinning :spinning:
E6-love30E6-love30 :love30:
C7-phewC7-phew :phew:
D2-blue thumbD2-blue thumb :blue thumb:
D3-thumbsupD3-thumbsup :thumbsup:
D1-dbgrtmbD1-dbgrtmb :dbgrtmb:
E5-thudE5-thud :thud:
E3-helpE3-help :help:
noideanoidea :noidea:
D6-wallbangingD6-wallbanging :wallbanging:
fingers crossedfingers crossed :fingers crossed:
B6-yesB6-yes :yes:
oldold :old:
G8-ideaIPBG8-ideaIPB :ideaIPB:
yikesyikes :yikes:
E2-yawnE2-yawn :yawn:
D4-yayD4-yay :yay:
happyfeethappyfeet :hapfeet:
E1-hate-shockedE1-hate-shocked :hate-shocked:
E7-hapydancsmilE7-hapydancsmil :hapydancsmil:
G5-yahooG5-yahoo :yahoo:
lolpointlolpoint :lolpt:
D8-gaahD8-gaah :gaah:
J7-wowJ7-wow :wow:
D7-dunnoD7-dunno :dunno:
whistlewhistle :whistle:
C4-nonofingerC4-nonofinger :nonofinger:
A4-heeheeA4-heehee :heehee:
D5-lollD5-loll :loll:
J1-lunapic 130165696578242 5J1-lunapic 130165696578242 5 :lunapic 130165696578242 5:
G9-wub2G9-wub2 :wub2:
G1-cry3G1-cry3 :cry3:
J6-stirpotJ6-stirpot :stirpot:
impheartimpheart :imphrt:
B2-whatB2-what :what:
G3-doggieshmoozeG3-doggieshmooze :doggieshmooze:
G2-cat-kittyandsmileyG2-cat-kittyandsmiley :cat-kittyandsmiley:
J3-sick0026J3-sick0026 :sick0026:
C6-ouch1C6-ouch1 :ouch1:
B9-coffeeB9-coffee :coffee:
E4-huhE4-huh :huh:
J8-catapultJ8-catapult :catapult:
group huggroup hug :grphg:
pathdpathd :pathd:
parsnipparsnip :psnp:
P3-pcthwackP3-pcthwack :pcthwack:
P4-paladinP4-paladin :paladin:
G6-dancyG6-dancy :dancy:
G4-ccheersG4-ccheers :ccheers:
starstar :star:
M1-ThankYouM1-ThankYou :ThankYou:
J2-runforhillsJ2-runforhills :runforhills:
spamspam :spam:
bustedbusted "busted"
G7-eeewG7-eeew :eeew:
M3-sign0016M3-sign0016 :sign0016:
newnew :new:
M5-rofllolM5-rofllol :rofllol:
M4-oopssM4-oopss :oopss:
P5-oopsP5-oops :oops:
M2-goodpostM2-goodpost :goodpost:
partytimepartytime :partytime:
pleaseplease :please:
redxredx :redx:
P1-sofaP1-sofa :sofa:
autumn leavesautumn leaves :autlvs:
snow ploughsnow plough "snow plough"
ThinkingThinking :thinking:
CongratsCongrats :congrats:
AwesomeAwesome :awesome:
BananaLlamaBananaLlama :banlam:
WelcomeWelcome :youwelcome:
SweepingSweeping :sweep:
Uh-OhUh-Oh :uh-oh:
CheersCheers :cheers:
PopcornPopcorn :popcorn:
EvilEvil :evil:
Good MorningGood Morning :gmorning:
Pillow FightPillow Fight :pillow:
PanicPanic :panic:
Steamy PooSteamy Poo :steamy:
TiredTired :tired:
BirthdayBirthday :birthday:
Thank YouThank You :thankyou:
BonfireBonfire :bonfire:
FishingFishing :fishing:
BeerBeer :beer:
BigThumbBigThumb :bigthumb:
CensoredCensored :censored:
CheerUpCheerUp :cheerup:
ConfusedConfused :confused:
DesperateRageDesperateRage :rage:
DIYDIY :diy:
DoctorDoctor :doctor:
DrunkDrunk :drunk:
EmbarrassedEmbarrassed :embarrassed:
ExhaustedExhausted :exhausted:
FanFan :fan:
GiggleGiggle :giggle:
GladGlad :glad:
GrumpyOldManGrumpyOldMan :grumpy:
HappyDogHappyDog :happydog:
HappyHeartHappyHeart :heart:
HappyHotHappyHot :happyhot:
HeadacheHeadache :headache:
HotSunHotSun :firesun:
HurtHurt :hurt:
IllIll :ill:
ItchyItchy :itchy:
JumpJoyJumpJoy :joy:
LaptopBashLaptopBash :laptop:
MusicMusic :music:
NerdNerd :nerd:
NervousNervous :nervous:
OuchoOucho :oucho:
PoopPoop :poop:
ShockedShocked :shocked:
ShyShy :shy:
SleepySleepy :sleepy:
SorrySorry :sorry:
SplatSplat :splat:
SpringSpring :spring:
SurpriseSurprise :surprise:
WindyWindy :windy:
CampfireCampfire :campfire:
Blown LightsBlown Lights :fused:
Checking His ListChecking His List :checkinglist:
Christmas BellsChristmas Bells :xmasbells:
Christmas CandyChristmas Candy :candy:
Christmas FireplaceChristmas Fireplace :fireplace:
Christmas KissesChristmas Kisses :xmaskisses:
Christmas StockingChristmas Stocking :stocking:
Decorate TreeDecorate Tree :decoratetree:
Drinking SantaDrinking Santa :drunksanta:
Giving GiftGiving Gift :givegift:
Here is a GiftHere is a Gift :heresagift:
Joy To The WorldJoy To The World :joytoworld:
Jump InJump In :jumpin:
Jumping SantaJumping Santa :santajump:
Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas :merryxmas:
Mistletoe HatMistletoe Hat :mistlhat:
Mistletoe KissMistletoe Kiss :mtkiss:
Open GiftOpen Gift :opengift:
Plug InPlug In :plugin:
Presents Under The TreePresents Under The Tree :pressietree:
ReindeerReindeer :reindeer:
Reindeer Ready to Go!Reindeer Ready to Go! :reindeerbounce:
Reindeer SleighReindeer Sleigh :reindeersleigh:
Santa GiftSanta Gift :santagift:
Santa in ChimneySanta in Chimney :santachim:
Santa StuckSanta Stuck :santastuck:
Seasons GreetingsSeasons Greetings :seasonsgreetings:
Smiley with Xmas TreeSmiley with Xmas Tree :smileytree:
SnowmanSnowman :snowman:
Snowman SmileSnowman Smile :snowmansmile:
Sweet StockingSweet Stocking :sweeties:
WreathWreath :wreath:
Yay! Its Christmas!Yay! Its Christmas! :xmasyay:
ChampagneChampagne :champagne:
Champagne AccidentChampagne Accident :popouch:
Happy New YearHappy New Year :hapnewyr:
New Year FIreworksNew Year FIreworks :newyrfirework:
New Year HatNew Year Hat :newyrhat:
New Year KissNew Year Kiss :newyrkiss:
New Year SparkleNew Year Sparkle :newyrsparkle:
NYCalendarNYCalendar :calendar:
NYDrunkNYDrunk :NYdrunk:
GardeningGardening :gardening:
DigDig :dig:
SunflowerSunflower :sunflower:
Happy FlowersHappy Flowers :hapflower:
PeapodPeapod :peapod:
Kooky SunflowerKooky Sunflower :kooky:
StrawberryStrawberry :idea:
Happy Flowers 2Happy Flowers 2 :hapflowers2:
TomatoTomato :tomato:
WheelbarrowWheelbarrow :wheelie:
ParsnipParsnip :parsnip:
PotatoPotato :potato:
LeekLeek :leek:
PepperPepper :pepper:
CarrotCarrot :carrot:
CornCorn :corn:
SwanSwan :swan:
Winking OwlWinking Owl :winkowl:
SparrowSparrow :sparrow:
HedgehogHedgehog :hhog:
BadgerBadger :badger:
PlantingPlanting :planting:
ReclinerRecliner :recliner:
PooPoo :poo:
Thank youThank you :thanks:
AutumnAutumn :autumn:
SnowSnow :snowing:
LightningLightning :bolt:
SnowSnow :snow:
Hot SunHot Sun :hotsun:
snow digsnow dig "snow dig"
SunnySunny :sunny:
RainRain :rain:
CloudyCloudy :cloudy:
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