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Hosting Videos Idea...?

Discussion in 'Member Requests' started by Fat Boy, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Fat Boy

    Fat Boy Guest

    This forum has to be one of the very best on the Internet.

    That was not flattery; it was to state what your 'premium' is. -You do this forum well with the help of your members who are among the very best.

    I don't know if I am a lone voice, or if others might agree with me with some or all of the following:

    While I am not exactly frightened by technology (I used to teach it), my motivation for it is low to the point where I have tried to sign up 3 times for YouTube, I gave up. Frankly, I rather dig my garden than fight with YouTube and its ilk. I don't even 'do' FaceBook or Twitter and I've had a mobile phone only this past year because DW insisted so.

    Is there any opportunity for members to upload/email you a video and you put it on? Variations could include that the video is locked only to this forum and that the video would only be hosted for a specified, limited time.

    I would pay for this service.

    I also intend to send you a donation when I next get some money in regardless of the answer to the above.

    Thanks. FB.
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    • Zigs

      Zigs Gardener

      Hi Fatboy & thank you for your kind words:)

      At the moment we have the media section. Anyone is welcome to put their videos in there, be they "How to" or just general interest.

      No porn though good people, unless its polination:dbgrtmb:
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      • Fat Boy

        Fat Boy Guest

        Sorry - I hadn't realised.
        I need to spend a while around this (rather large) forum.
        Thanks for the reply.
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        • ARMANDII

          ARMANDII Low Flying Administrator Staff Member

          Jan 12, 2019

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