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    WOLLEMIA  NOBILIS   MALE  CONE 02-05-2014 14-53-26.JPGWOLLEMIA  NOBILIS 16-08-2009 12-15-16.JPGWOLLEMIA  NOBILIS 28-05-2019 16-12-13.JPG
    So rare is this tree in the wild it is virtually the equivalent of finding a dinosaur walking round in some hidden valley.

    Wollemia nobilis..the story of this recently discovered conifer(1994) is wonderful.
    Found by ranger Mr Noble the location is kept a secret to this day.
    A nursery in Australia has propagated every tree and shipped them round the world....they have Plant breeders rights for it.From 2005/6 it was possible to buy one in UK.
    Yes, the price is very steep but the profit goes back to protecting/saving these trees...more below

    Trees have both male and female reproductive bit...but maybe you need to have cross pollination to get viable seeds...I have no idea.

    Good luck with creating your new wood.
    More below....
    Quote Westonbirt.....
    "It was decided that the best way to keep this extremely rare and unique tree safe for the future, was by breeding them on a large scale and to spread the species in botanical gardens everywhere around the world. In 2005 the first propagated small specimens were sold by auction house Sotheby's for hunderdthousands of dollars. In the royal botanical gardens of Kew the first European specimen was planted, guarded by a steel cage to prevent theft by enthousiast collectors."

    WollemiPine.com - Wollemi Pine Watch newsletter Issue 1

    Quote from above link....

    "The Wollemi Pine is protected by the New South Wales (NSW) Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. It is listed as endangered at a national level under the Environmental Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and is on the directory of Rare or Threatened Australian Plants (RoTAP). As of December 2000, the Wollemi National Park (where the Wollemi Pines are located) was added to the World Heritage list as part of The Greater Blue Mountains Area.


    How to Recognise a "Certified" Wollemi Pine

    Royalties from the sale of the Wollemi Pine will be invested in the ongoing research and conservation of the Wollemi Pine and other rare and threatened species. It is therefore important to recognise the official "certified" Wollemi Pine symbol and look for it when purchasing a Wollemi Pine in 2005/6. Only by buying a "certified" Wollemi Pine can you be assured that you are assisting to fund conservation efforts to ensure the ongoing survival of the Wollemi Pine.

    The symbol (pictured left) was designed to signify the Wollemi Pine coming back from a fossil to a living species. In fact the Wollemi Pine has been dubbed a living fossil as it was thought that it had been extinct for millions of years until the living plants were discovered in 1994. "
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