Baby bird identification

Discussion in 'Livestock' started by Portisgrass, Jul 3, 2017.

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    You might have to feed him a little longer, when his feathers grow we should be able to identify him,

    Did you have a good look for a nest where you found him, he couldn't have travelled far from the nest at that age,

    Have a good look round even a low level also keep a look out in the area you found him for the parents feeding more young, if you find a nest pop him back in,

    Good luck hope he makes it :).
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      Sorry @Mark56 - only just seen this thread. Portisgrass, did you read the link that Redwing sent you? Feeding and raising a nestling like this is actually far more complicated than you might think, and you can do more harm than good - however well meaning you may be.
      I strongly urge you, or anyone else finding a bird in trouble to contact a local rescue as soon as possible.
      The rescue I help out with uses a very special formula feed that closely resembles what a parent bird would give. The nestling needs to be demand fed, and it also needs re ''wilding'' for want of a better word before it is released.
      There are just too many pitfalls in trying to do this job without the expertise I`m afraid.
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