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Discussion in 'Greenhouse Growing' started by Darren2993, May 19, 2020.

  1. Darren2993

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    Jun 25, 2017
    Hi all,

    Relatively new member here who started off with a propagator, which lead to a cold frame, which has lead to a mini greenhouse.... downward spiral I feel!

    I made a DIY greenhouse using an old display cabinet which I’m rather proud off but I font know if it’s ‘working’.

    There is no back to this lean too style greenhouse, so it’s not trapping enough heat in, its in the wrong location, currently against shed facing north but running west-east or I’m being impatient...

    Would be grateful for some suggestion especially with regards to if it’s needs a back or if the shed is sufficient?

    Thanks everyone!

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    • clanless

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      Jan 20, 2013
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      Hello Darren,

      I'm impressed - looks good - and will have saved you a few quid over buying a new greenhouse.

      Greenhouses - really there for shelter from wind/bugs/bad weather - not so much to maintain an increased temperature - that's what hot houses are for - so what you have will do the job.

      Perhaps some plastic (bin bags) and some drawing pins - if the open back bothers you - but I would have thought that against a shed would be fine. Black bin bags will draw in the heat - but you will still need ventilation.

      Remember that not all seeds are planted at the same time and that they do not all develop at the same rate. Some will grow like billy-o, whilst others at a more leisurely rate. I have found that perennials are more difficult to start and take a longer time to grow - I suppose because they don't have to go through an entire growing cycle in one year.

      Be patient - your seedlings will grow - and once they start - you'll be surprised how quickly.

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