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Discussion in 'Container Gardening' started by robbo, May 19, 2018.

  1. robbo

    robbo Gardener

    Oct 11, 2005
    Any suggestions as to what to plant in a half barrel, usually plant summer bedding in it but looking for something more permanent, barrel is about 3feet wide, looking for something that will stand a couple of feet, my location is on the north east coast so get plenty of cold easterly wind in winter, any help appreciated.
  2. Sian in Belgium

    Sian in Belgium Total Gardener

    Apr 8, 2011
    Just south of Brussels
    If it helps, my half-barrels, I think a similar size, have clematis, a Passion flower, and dianthus as permenant planting, with seasonal bedding as fill-ins at the front. Each year Lidl and Aldi do a fuschia standard, for around £6, so one of those goes in each barrel as a summer centrepiece. The barrels are against a wall (hence the climbers!) and the wall faces west north-west. The garden is a wind tunnel, so the plants get the wind side-on. I.e., they are blown along the wall, rather than flattened against the wall.

    Being in Belgium, we are probably warmer than you, but our winters can be severe. A low of -10c is normal, not an exception, snow regularly lies for over a week, and we normally have a week or so where the daytime high does not reach up to freezing. And rain - oh yes, Belgian weather specialises in all sorts of rain!
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    • silu

      silu gardening easy...hmmm

      Oct 20, 2010
      Like @Sian in Belgium I have Clematis in mine and Tulips followed by Lilies. I didn't expect the Tulips to keep going for as long as they have but the good drainage large barrels give (plenty of stones/gravel etc in the bottom of the barrels) seems to suit them. The Lilies start into growth as the Tulips are finishing which help cover the dying Tulip foliage. I let the foliage die naturally so the bulbs have a chance to absorb enough goodness for the following year.
      While perhaps not totally permanent both lots of bulbs have been in the barrels for 5 could be 6:scratch: years now. Apart from adding a lump of manure to the surface of the barrels during the winter they have had zero attention and just get on with it! My Lilies grew a "little":yikes: taller than I expected! I also grow some pretty foliage Heuchera in them. Fancy Heuchera won't tolerate my garden (drainage) but very happy in the tubs. I'm in Scotland so ditto @robbo re cold east wind:)
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