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How To I.D. Your Apples - and some fruits

Discussion in 'Edible Gardening' started by shiney, Oct 7, 2019.

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  1. shiney

    shiney President, Grumpy Old Men's Club Staff Member

    Jul 3, 2006
    Retired - Last Century!!!
    Herts/Essex border. Zone 8b
    This is a very good site for identifying your apples if you want to.

    Basic searches can be done without joining up.

    More complicated searches may require joining.

    fruitID | Apple Identification | Apple Varieties | Apple Cultivars

    We went to an Apple Day at our local orchard and got our apples identified by a gentleman from Fruit ID (most of our apple trees are close to 100 years old, or more, and still producing well!).

    They were excellent and able to I.D. most of our apples for us. We didn't take along any Bramleys as we can spot those with no trouble. They identified 'Sunset' (a cultivar of Cox's Orange Pippin but a lot bigger and tastes the same), Edward VII (an excellent cooker that matures later than Bramleys), Warner's King (a prolific early maturing cooker), Peasgood Nonsuch (produces very large apples that are cookers but good as eaters if left late) and Charles Ross (also a cultivar of Cox's but an even better flavour).
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