Laying new lawn over 'difficult' ground

Discussion in 'Lawns' started by ric1982, May 25, 2020.

  1. DianneW

    DianneW Head Gardener

    Dec 26, 2020
    As noisette suggests, if the terrain is flat then you need channelling to help encourage the water to drain away from your plot..any loose or disturbed soil will puddle so that says to me no digging or it will get worse in that area..I am not qualified to give you positive answers I have just life experiences.
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    • ric1982

      ric1982 Apprentice Gardener

      May 25, 2020
      Thanks @noisette47 @DianneW , I guess its now waiting game.

      The waterlogging wasnt an issue until I dig it up last year. Or it may be it was an issue but it wasnt visible on the surfce. I think part of the problem is that there is a large chunk of earth missing from the garden area now which make difficult to water to drain away and the soil now is very fine which makes soaking difficult.

      Now I am kicking myself for even persuing this project. But then what was the alternative? To live with large rubble in your garden and not been able to put lawn! In hindsight it looks like a tough call! But I learn something out of all this. (hard way ofcourse)

      Whether its creating soak away or creating a trench into drain, I will need to dig areas where soil is distrub. I mean what more damage it can do to it then its already has?

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