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Possible to plant a rose display of some sort....quickly?

Discussion in 'Roses' started by Gn0me, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Gn0me

    Gn0me Gardener

    May 10, 2015
    Elm Park
    I really don't know much about plants and flowers. Just getting to grips (still) with maintaining the lawn!

    Judging by the photo, do you think there's enough room to put a rose plant of some sort in with the other one that you can see whatever it's called?


    I'm assuming it will need to be a climbing rose if I want to attach it to the fence or will it have too much competition with the existing one?

    Some lovely roses were actually already growing there about half metre further down when we moved in but I had the builders remove it when we had the new patio put down. I don't think my wife has ever forgiven me for that!

    Whatever you think is best, is it possible to buy one that is already reasonably grown where it's up to me to negotiate it up the fence?

    It would be a real bonus if my wife comes home from her shift and finds it there but understand that might be unrealistic. I would just like something that will give a lot colour this summer to cheer her up. It's been a difficult year for her along with most us, her ward was one of the first to be turned into a COVID one since it already specialises in diseases and viruses, she lost two of her colleagues to the virus so I'm sure this would help.

    I'd also like to get a herb garden attached on the garage wall and do something at the bottom of the garden but they're for other threads which I will post after this one.

    Thanks very much and hope you can help.
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    • Bradders

      Bradders Apprentice Gardener

      Mar 15, 2021
      Classic Car Restoration
      Northern UK
      Sounds like you have some great ideas

      Gardening is addictive

      I personally would NOT put a rose in that small space where the other climber is growing

      Bear in mind, there are many types of roses and if you are keen on getting a beautiful rose, then you can get roses that are compact enough to live in a planter (pot).

      If you get a nice, handsome, large pot - you could put what's called a "patio rose" in it. They grow to about 60 - 80 cm (just under a metre) and will live quite happily in that pot.

      You can then move the pot around to wherever you want within the garden

      Now, assuming you are quite new to gardening, let's not forget that planting things in the garden soil is only HALF of what gardening is all about! I have a vast and abeautiful collection of plants and flowers in containers around the back of my house.

      Get a selection of different sized (but good looking) pots, and get creative!
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