RHS level 2 combined practical & theory

Discussion in 'Gardening Discussions' started by Steve86, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. eluzerkhari

    eluzerkhari Apprentice Gardener

    Oct 15, 2019
    I an going to do practical first then theory and was wanting a head start of the theory side.
  2. Mike Allen

    Mike Allen Total Gardener

    Jan 4, 2014
    Good for you, Snorky' OK I believe you are an accountant. IMHO whoever and or whatever you are, life is so valuable. Grab it with both hands and make the best of it.

    You and many others like you, so have decided to take the plunge, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Albeit studying and learning more about gardening/horticulture. You will enter an Alice in Wonderland experience. Suddenly the world around you will open up. Come the end of the day, pass or fail any exam. You can still hold your head up. You have gone that one step further. My sincere best wishes. Mike.
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    • Steve86

      Steve86 Apprentice Gardener

      Jul 23, 2019
      Forgotten that I had started this post and thought I'd provide an update on where I am at, which might someone else might find usual.

      I started the Practical certificate at Oxford Abingdon & Whitney College on Saturday mornings. It runs from September to June with a Break from Christmas to the beginning of March. There are 10 plants that we need to learn each week, which we are then tested on the following week. The practical exercises I have found extremely enjoyable and they link in quite well to some of the theory principles. The good thing is that there are no exams at the end and you are assessed as you go along.

      I also started both of the theory certificates in September and enrolled at Bristol Botanic Gardens. The course is split in to 2 halves throughout the year.

      September to February certificate on the principles of garden planning, establishment and maintenance.

      February to June certificate on the principles of plant growth, propagation and development.

      There are 4 exams after each certificate. To answer my own original question - is this too much as a novice? I would say no. The practical certificate is a nice pace and apart from the 10 plants is not too taxing. I found that doing the practical alongside the theory, that the practical doesn't really impact or divert time away from studying for the theory certificates.

      The theory certificate is quite intense with the sheer amount of the edible and ornamental plant names and details you need to know, along with other plant care and design information you need to learn.

      Felt that I have learnt a great amount in a short time and very pleased that I enrolled on the courses.

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